Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Market Day

With the upcoming official launch of 1000Markets, I thought it might be nice to feature a market every week or so. For those of you unfamiliar with 1000Markets, it's a new shopping and community site for quality handcrafted items. What sets 1000Markets apart is the philosophy of the market. As CEO Matt Triffiro puts it: " I have always been fascinated by marketplaces – the real, human-scale marketplaces like the farmers’ markets you find across the U.S. or the street vendors in Marrakech – These markets are populated by people, not just "things." They are a kaleidoscope of human activity: entertainment, history, art, community, and, of course, commerce. These are profound and vibrant human institutions."

Today I explored "Come to Asheville". It's a group of immensely talented artists residing in Asheville, NC. After seeing the work, I have to put Asheville on my list of places to visit. What an artistic mecca!

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  1. Thanks for the 1000 market info. I love the idea of the "market" too . I have a favorite book by Neil Gaiman called " neverwhere" .. He wrote Coroline any way he has a Floating market in the book and the descriptions are great. Glad I popped by your blog. julie