Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Worktable

Friday has always been my favorite day of the week.  When I was working in the corporate world, I liked Friday because it meant the weekend was just about here.  Now that I work in my home studio, every day is a weekend, but I still like Friday because it's my jewelry assembly day. It's very satisfying to see an entire week of production sitting on my table waiting to become finished jewelry.

When I designed my studio, I created separate workstations for polymer work, metal work, assembly and office work.  Here is a picture of my Friday polymer table.  I've just finished the last pieces of the week that are now on their way to the oven.   

After cleaning up my polymer table, I head across the room to my assembly table.   It's a bit of a mess, but I'll organize it into piles before I start.  I'll need to make earwires for all the earrings, make neckwires and assemble chains, drill holes in the window pendants and package everything up in time for my weekend shows!

On Saturday, if I don't have a show,  I'll take pictures, then edit and resize so that they are ready to list in my Etsy shop the following week.  I have a photo studio (I use that term generously) permanently set up in my basement - more on that in my next post.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yucatan Inspiration

Mexico always inspires me.  Last year, I created my Maya series based on the vibrant colors of the Yucatan.  But there are more subtle colors there as well - in the deep cenotes and caves that are all over the area.  The Yucatan sits on a bed of limestone that is riddled with underground rivers and caverns.  When shafts of sunlight hit the deep sinkholes (cenotes), you get an eerie combination of light and shadow, liquid aqua blues and muted browns. This fabulous photo of the Cuzamá cenote from We Visit Mexico on Facebook inspired a new piece.