Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's Your Jewelry Style?

Harper's Bazaar had an article a few months back about jewelry personality. Just as we all tend to fit into a certain fashion category, we wear our jewelry the same way. Some of us will match our jewelry to our outfit, some will match the outfit to the jewelry, some will wear whatever the hell they want and some can't be bothered so they eat, live and breathe in the same pair of earrings.

Harper's broke down jewelry personalities into four categories: the Adventurist, the Exhibitionist, the Minimalist and the Traditionalist.

The adventurists will take a piece of jewelry and make it their own.
They'll buy a long chain and wrap it around their wrist - never using it for the intended purpose. They don't care about price - they're likely to mix a diamond with a vintage bakelite bracelet. They can buy a bunch of hippie necklaces at a tourist trap and make them look incredibly chic.

The Minimalist has just a few pieces and is very selective about her choices. The simpler the better. Miminalists love Calvin Klein and sushi. Less is More is their mantra.

The Tradionalist, as the name implies, likes tried and true jewelry designs. They can be simple or ornate, but not in the least trendy. She loves Jewels with a capital J. The more carats the better. Elizabeth Taylor, the Queen of England and the Duchess of Windsor are all traditionalists. Since I don't have diamonds, rubies or emeralds in my collection, so this Art Deco piece will have to do as an example.

The Exhibitionst loves art jewelry. She can't stand the thought of anyone else having the same piece. She likes showstopping, large pieces. She considers jewelry an art form - wearable sculpture. She is strong, confident and brash.

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