Friday, August 17, 2007

Daphne Farago Collection at the MFA

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is currently exhibiting part of a vast collection of 20th century art jewelry donated by Daphne Farago. Comprising 150 pieces of contemporary jewelry by Alexander Calder, Robert Ebendorf, Mary Lee Hu, Sam Kramer, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Wendy Ramshaw, Art Smith, and others, it is truly a mind blowing experience - whether you're a jewelry aficionado or not!

Shown are the organic shapes of Art Smith, Jan Yager's disturbing urban landscapes, Alma Eikerman's sculptural forms and Robert Ebendorf's artful use of common materials.

Truly not to be missed! The Daphne Farago Collection is on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston until March of 2008. More info at MFA.ORG

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