Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Color Am I Today?

I love color and I love choosing a project palette. I also love shortcuts! Here's a nifty website that picks out colors from a photograph and lays them out for you like paint chips! As a polymer artist who mixes all my own colors, it's a real time saver. Here I have a photo of a vegetable stand in Stresa, Italy with the corresponding color palette. Appropriately enough, I was in Stresa attending a color workshop! Check out Big Huge Labs and play! And don't miss all their other neat design tools while you're there!


  1. Hey Betsey -- that is a really VERY cool site. I just played with some fabric I love and got an awesome palette. Rumor has it you will be at Synergy? Hope so -- see you then! regards, nt

  2. Do your colours reflect your moods? Mine do.

    When I'm happy, everything is green. When I'm sad, everything is grey.

    Fortunately, I live in the beautiful West Country of England, close to moorland, so the green keeps me happy and inspired.