Sunday, August 31, 2008

Playing when I should be working....

I've got a very busy September coming up - multi-day shows every single weekend. So I really should be working on my inventory instead of fooling around at Big Huge Labs!

I took four photos and used the Mosaic Maker:

Then I Warholized it:

And a corny badge complete with bar code using the Badge Maker:

And a Jigsaw Puzzle:

Now I really have to get back to work....


  1. stonehouse - I don't blame you! That looks like so much fun - sometimes it's nice to get distracted for a while, especially when everything else is a little overwhelming!

  2. Okay, that totally looks like a site I could lose hours at too!!

    Be well,

  3. Oh, I totally did not need to know about the jigsaw puzzle option. I already spend enough time making mosaics! :-)

  4. Betsy, that site looks like fun. I'm trying to figure out what one would do with the badge? Anyway, you have been TAGGED.