Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I gave myself for Xmas

It's really hard doing over 70 shows a year. Not because it's a heck of a lot of work making stuff, then schlepping stuff, then setting up and breaking down stuff. Not to mention dealing with the elements. It's hard because it is so difficult to restrain from buying half of what I see. At these shows I'm surrounded by truly awesome handmade goods made by wonderful, talented and sharing people (well, 99% of them are wonderful and/or talented). To that end, I kept telling myself all season that if I had a good year, I'd treat myself to a couple of my faves. I did have a good year and I did treat myself!

I've been coveting a SayaStudio bag for a long time. I just adore my beautiful (and practical) new bag in orange, blue and red leather and fabric. I'll take a photo sometime, but here's another one of Saya's bags to get your mouth watering.
The second present to myself is one of Chromalab's signature wall clocks. Can you tell I love orange? Tony and Alicia have the gift of color - their re-purposed furniture and accessories are all light and sunshine. My new clock is now up on my studio wall - time checks have never been so much fun!