Friday, June 25, 2010

A look at my work table

A peek into my studio this week shows my work in progress. On this particular day I was quite productive - making mostly window pendants and a few pairs of earrings. I find it more efficient to work in batches, so I'll make the fronts one day, sand them and then spend the next day building the pieces.

In the first picture you can see some of my commonly used tools and custom mixed polymer colors. Polymer is mixed and conditioned using a pasta machine, which gives me nice even sheets to work with. And, yes, it is a very neat and tidy scene. I work best in an organized environment. Plus it's really easy to color contaminate polymer, so you've got to keep things clean!


  1. I love your window pendants, each one has it's own personality. Could you please post photos of what the backs looks like? I am a newbie and while surface design is the prinicpal factor in jewelry, i'm confused about attatching cords and how to engineer the attachments so that it can be worn. Your tutorials have been very helpful to me and helped me progress in my own work. Thank you for all your tutorials and information.

  2. Thanks, Loretta! The backs of my pendants are shown in all my shop listings on Etsy and 1000Markets. Just click on icons to the right of the page and you'll see plenty of photos.

  3. These are beautiful pendants!!!

  4. Although the post is already old ... I find all these beautiful pendants!
    But how do you get "patterns" in black? It's a mystery to me!
    Can you explain your technique?