Thursday, September 30, 2010

The feared "Booth Shot"

I cringe whenever a show application requires a booth shot.  No matter how awesome your booth looks in real life, when you take a picture you always manage to include your neighbor's boxes and junk, parked cars, weird people walking by and all sorts of stuff one doesn't notice on market day.  Case in point is a picture of my booth at the SoWa Open Market a couple of years back.

Last Sunday I was finally able to get a clean shot at the JP Open Studios.  My friend and photographer extraordinare, Lucie Wicker, was showing right across the street and she kindly took some awesome booth shots for me. 

I've streamlined my set-up quite a bit in the last couple of years.  My hanging boards now have removable canvas covers that match my table coverings and I've added some awesomely organic twine necklace busts.  I still go vertical as much as possible - I find it's the best way to showcase my work.  And what are those crazy blue bags on each tent leg?  Well, they are my very creative weights made out of re-usable plastic shopping bags filled with plastic bags full of pea gravel.  Easy to carry and waterproof .  And also pee-proof  - a must at all my windy, doggie friendly shows (that's Plato eyeing my weights in the top left picture).

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  1. Did you ever use those colorful rebozos you took back?