Exuberance meets understated

Show pal and all around crazy gal, Wendy Baker, makes the most fantastic, colorful over the top jewelry of hand painted vintage flowers and costume jewelry components.  I make minimalist, understated polymer clay pieces.  Totally different, right? Well, maybe not.

 A couple of weeks ago Wendy and I were both showing at the Brewery during JP Open Studios (lots of free samples right next door at the Sam Adams Brewery - alas, we were too busy to sample the wares...).  I traded a pair of earrings for a handful of her small flower components.  I was planning to hold off using them until my creative play-time during the winter, but I couldn't resist.  Here are a couple of window pendants I made incorporating Wendy's cute vintage flowers:

Who says exuberant and understated don't mix?

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  1. ok, i am so delighted by your output. you are a quietly wild and crazy gal! these are so pretty, so you, so stylish, so smart. wow. wow. wow. congrats on the new designs!