Sunday, January 18, 2009

From Nudibranchs to BioBangles

My good friend and polymer mentor, Melanie West, came down from Maine this week on her way to a polymer retreat in Jersey. She brought along her latest BioBangles - what a trip! These bold pieces are absolutely stunning. No wonder she was instantly accepted to the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art show on her first try! Melanie's blog is a great read as well, covering every conceivable topic from science to jaw dropping art.

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  1. So nice to hear from you two again my dear firends - did I tell you already that I miss you guys?

    Can't wait until next Synergy in 2010 and I hope to see you there!
    Give Mel a big hug from me

    and here's one for you too:

    PS: the biobangles are terrific and I'm sooo happy about Melanie's success