Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snails and Slugs

What do snails and yucky slugs have to do with polymer, you ask?  My city garden fights a losing battle every year to said critters.  I don't use pesticides, so I'm constantly on the lookout for natural controls.  A few years back, I bought copper tape.  Supposedly, it keeps out snails and slugs (something to do with positive/negative electrical charges).  I never got around to using it and it's been sitting around ever since.

Well, as polymeristas the world over already know, those of us who work in polymer are constantly on the lookout for stuff to use in our work.  Our medium is so new that it doesn't have a lot of established tools and materials.  We use pasta machines to sheet and condition, medical tissue blades to slice, coffee stirrers to make holes.  Not to mention knitting needles, tinfoil, packing peanuts, toilet paper rolls, sandpaper, screws and dirt.  

So when I ran across that roll of thin copper tape while cleaning out my garden supplies, I did what comes naturally:  I used it with polymer.  I cut thin strips, rolled and fanned it to make a flower and added a brushed copper disc.  I'll bet those snails and slugs are breathing a sigh of relief!

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  1. I do love seeing what you do with this series. Great idea with the copper tape!