Monday, December 29, 2008

1000 Markets

Don't get me wrong, I love Etsy. But I've also been looking long and hard for an additional online selling venue. Something with the visual appeal and quality goods like those found on Trunkt is wonderful, but it is primarily geared towards the wholesale market.

I've opened and closed shops on a bunch of Etsy wannabes and was getting rather discouraged. Then I stumbled upon 1000 Markets and it blew me away. It's only a few months old and still in the beta stages, but it already has a clear mission, look and direction. I love their 'Markets' concept - I currently belong to Inspired by Nature, Luxe and Metalcraft . I also like the way they've incorporated a blog and comment wall into the shop.

The site is juried, which allows them to maintain the integrity of the site. And it's still new enough that you get e-mails directly from the owner. When I was accepted, I got a really nice personal e-mail from Matt complimenting my work. And he immediately featured one of my pieces on the Community page. What a nice way to welcome a new shop!

Take some time to browse 1000 Markets. I think that you too will be impressed by the array of talent and the quality of the work.

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