Thursday, March 4, 2010

Synergy2 and my comfort zone

Last week I was at Synergy2, a polymer conference held every two years in Baltimore. I must admit I got more out of it this time than two years ago, simply because I am more comfortable in my work and feel that I am in control of the material, instead of the other way around.

I always like the panel discussions best - and the challenge these wonderful artists throw out to us. Susan Lomuto of DailyArtMuse says it much better that I can - be sure to read her essay on polymer and its evolution as a medium.

My head is still spinning, but I've decided to spend more time working outside my comfort zone. That's hard to do because I make a living at this and it's so easy to fall into a rut - the 'as long as the work sells, keep making it' syndrome. But here goes...

Brooches are new for me and I know they don't sell well at my shows, but what the heck. I now understand why so many art jewelers make them - they're an awesome canvas!


  1. Your new brooches are really fabulous. It's great to see you jump right in and apply some of the concepts of the conference. It's inspiring.

    It was good to see you!

  2. I just saw a link to your site on PCD and I love your brooches! I would buy one now...will you be listing them on your etsy site?

  3. Brava! Great new work and terrific that the conference so inspired you! regards, nt

  4. I had to come here from PCDaily for a closer look. Love them! And I love wearing brooches, but they're a hard sell in my Etsy shop, too. We've gotta do something about that!

  5. Thanks everybody! I'm having a blast making them

    Mandi, I'm still in the prototype stages and should have some finished versions done and listed in my shops by next week.

    Treasurefield: Love your work! And yes, we'll have to train our customers to wear brooches!

  6. Hi Betsy,
    The brooches look great! Can't wait to see your finished versions!


  7. These are truly wonderful! I can't imagine that they aren't selling!?! I'm as curious as Patricia what is selling?

  8. I mainly sell at local juried shows in the urban Boston area. For some reason, pins and brooches just don't seem to have much appeal around here. It's not just me - other jewelers at my shows have trouble selling them, too.

  9. Gorgeous!
    The color combinations
    seem to vibrate!!!
    Love your pieces...

  10. I think your brooches are great. I have just started designing brooches with polymer clay too - have yet to find out how they sell, here in New Zealand. I wish you the best of luck.