Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Melanie Muir
Melanie West
Earlier this month I had a wonderful visit with good friends and fellow polymeristas Melanie Muir and Melanie West.  It was great seeing the two Melanies again - we had last seen each other at Synergy II over a year ago.  Both are masters at what they do - Melanie M's mokume technique is flawlessly executed and so evocative of her native Scottish landscape.  And Melanie W's Bio series is in a league all its own.  Complex and simple at the same time, and ever so tactile.  Both artists are intensely organic in their work.

Dale Chihuly at the MFA
And speaking of organic, the Dale Chihuly exhibit at Boston's MFA has to take the cake.  It is a jaw dropping series of large scale installations that defies the imagination.  Colors, fluid alien-like forms, forests of glass.  And did I mention colors? 
idea2lifestyle on etsy.com
After all that inspirational overload, I just had to play.  I've used mokume techniques off and on since I first started working with polymer, so I decided to try my hand at it again.  The natural feel of mokume coordinates well with the soft, flowing, ethereal feel of current fashion trends.

"Sun and Shade" brooch

"Botanicals" window pendants

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  1. I love the work of all three of you! These new "Botanicals" pendants are stunning! Also like the term, "polymeristas". :)